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Different types of cigarettes

At an online cigarette store, you’ll be faced with a huge inventory. There will be some familiar names along with some you’ve never heard of. If you’re brave, you’ll may want to try something new, but where should you start? Two major types of cigarettes you’ll see are filtered cigarettes and menthol cigarettes. The tobacco website company recognizes these as the top sales from an online cigarette store. Most brands have cigarettes that fall under these categories. But what are these labels and what types of cigarettes do they encompass?

Filtered cigarettes have filters on the bottom with holes to dilute the tobacco you’re inhaling. They are considered “light” cigarettes, though they still have the same amount of tobacco and nicotine. There are also ultra-lights, which have larger holes in the filters. Filtered cigarettes are associated with a less harsh flavor as well. Boris Aivaz is credited with the process for making filtered cigarettes, which he produced in 1927. Most types of cigarettes, from Marlboro to Camel to Lucky Strikes, have filtered cigarettes available from a cheap cigarette store.

Menthol cigarettes, on the other hand, are flavored with menthol, which triggers sensitive nerves. It gives off a cool taste, which makes them very popular.The first menthol cigarettes were Spud Menthol Cooled Cigarettes in 1927 and it was the only one on the market until 1933. Menthol cigarettes make up about 30% of cigarette sales in the United States.

Whatever types of cigarettes you like to smoke, be it menthol cigarettes or filtered cigarettes, a website will provide you with different brands for each. With low cigarette website shipping, quick delivery, and affordable carton prices, an online cigarette store stands to make a killing off of some of the most popular types of cigarettes. Actual stores can’t beat their prices and you’re able to get the cigarettes you love delivered right to your door. As long as you’re of age, there’s nothing stopping you from taking advantage of an online cigarette store, which will have age verification procedures in place, of course. There will be serious repercussions for a cheap cigarette website found selling to underage consumers, so be ready to prove you’re legal.

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